Re: Mach1 and checking PASILL4 results

Pierre Henrotay


definitely, the PAS is no longer an issue for me.
I am happy with its accuracy now that the shimming operation has been performed.
And the "meridian flip" method with is described in details in the manual is very convenient - in fact the PAS can then be used for a achieving a coarse alignment only.
About your suggestion, I believe that your method will be jeopardized by the scope not being absolutely orthogonal to the mount - but I might be wrong, just an idea.


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Hello Pierre and others,

I would like to propose one more "alternative" here to solve the polar scope problem, which I will have as well as soon as mine arrives.
If you were to take the polar scope out and put it in a adjustable finder bracket and put it on your main scope or mounting plate you can then make it perfectly aligned with the mount because now you can rotate the polar axis of the mount and the scope will turn with it. You have to make sure the point you use is very far away though since the scope is now no longer at the center of rotation. I usually use polaris itself for that. Now once it is perfectly aligned with the mount, use it to polar align the mount. Once it is you can put it back in the proper place and then adjust the reticle (not sure if you can reach the screws when it is in place?) so all the stars are in the right place, same as when you had it on top of your scope. It may no longer be centered in its own housing, but it will be centered with the polar axis of the mount now.
You would technically achieve the same thing as you did with the shimming I guess. If this works, maybe the people at AP can publish it in the manual as well.
Maybe you no longer consider it an issue, but I really didn't see any real solution for it in this thread. I had a G41 from Hungary before this one and its polar scope allways put me very close to exact and I have to say that was extremely convenient for me.
Please let me know what you think.


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Hi guys,
Thought I would chime in with one idea. Why doesn;t he borrow a
known good PASILL from a friend and try it. If that too has
problems, then it leads you one way. If that works fine, then it is
indeed a problem with the PASILL only.
What do you think?
Thanks, Rick
Thought of that of course ; but AP mounts are not that common here
(living in Belgium, Europe). In my astroclub, 200 members, only 1 chap
has a 900GTO and his polarscope - not a PASILL4 but a previous model -
and .... his reticle is cracked.


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