Re: Cygnus Bubble PN G75.5+1.7 Announced by IAU/CBET

Yves Laroche

Hi Dave,


When I processed my NGC6888 version (46 hours) last year, I think that the
little bubble was a kind of donut effect or some kind of internal
reflection. The little bubble was easier to see when the image was printed.
Unfortunately, I never push any kind of investigation to really solve this

The little bubble is located near the bottom on the left side of my image.

Thanks for sharing us about this great discovery.


Yves Laroche


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Dave Jurasevich
Sent: 16 juillet 2009 13:02
Subject: [ap-gto] Cygnus Bubble PN G75.5+1.7 Announced by IAU/CBET

Today I received written confirmation from the International Astronomical
Union in the form of a CBET bulletin (Electronic Telegram No. 1876)
announcing the discovery of my "Cygnus Bubble" Nebula, officially named PN
G75.5+1.7 (a planetary nebula). It took extensive research of existing
catalog and published literature, a 53 page report, numerous discussions
with Dr. Dan Green of the IAU, reviews by prominent experts in the field,
and nearly a year of time to finalize the details of this discovery.

For this forum I'd like to note that this deep sky object was discovered
with an Astro-Physics 160 EDF refractor and AP 1200 GTO mount.

If interested, you can find information on this newly discovered planetary
nebula as well as the official IAU/CBET announcement on my website at
http://tinyurl. <> com/5q4qnu

Best Regards,


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