Re: Microphones for DSV

visonneau-vincent <visonneau-vin@...>

Hi again

Charles Sinsofsky wrote:

Inside the users manual there is an excellent choice for two
microphones. One is the radio/shack one, but I do not know if
that is
even available in France. the other is a shure microphone that
you can
buy directly from A/P ..which I recommend.
When i receive my new mount AP900 gto few month ago,i found DSV with
the mount but there isn't any manuel include with DSV!!!!

Another thing,i try to download DSV voice tour on the page of
astrophysics (
i can't because i don't know my Username and Password.
Username and Password seems to be in the 1st page ofd the manuel but i
haven't receive the famous manuel.

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