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I use Richard Crisp's storm/scope covers which easily cover my AP1200 (and the ATS pier it sits on) right down to the ground. I also hang a permanently lit naked 60 watt light bulb inside to keep things warm and condensation free. Often I leave the scope on the mount as well. The only thing I always bring inside are any cameras. Northern California is less harsh than some areas of course, but I can leave everything outside for much of the year and have survived several storms. Using (and dusting) the mount regularly means that insects do not make themselves at home. My biggest problem is the pollen season which seems to get everywhere!  An essential accessory is a canister of computer screen wipes to keep everything clean.

George is correct - you can enjoy your mount/scope so much more if all you have to do is pull the cover off.


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I have had my scope under cover for a year now. Double tarps and a bungee cord wrap things up quite nice.

Quite often I leave the c14 on the mount as well. I always take the cameras in the house. When I get home at night if it is clear it only takes minutes to set up for imaging.

I can't imagine having to set up for imaging every night. While the AP1200 and c14 are portable broken down into small parts, it is a lot of work.

You will find you can enjoy your scope much more if you can just pull of the cover and use it. Every clear night becomes an opportunity even if for only a few minutes.

Just remember to insure it against the unthinkable theft of the mount.
Clear skies, enjoy


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I don't have an enclosed observatory, but I would like to start leaving my
pier and mount outside and set up so that all I have to do is plop on the
scope to start observing.

My question is what sort of weather covering should I use for the mount and
its electronics? I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, so my winters aren't
that cold and in a good year we only get 12 inches of precipitation. Most
of the time it's dry and clear.

My plan was to buy a scope-cover to at least keep the occasional rain and
snow off the mount. From the photo's of AP mounts operating in Antarctica,
covering a mount may not be necessary. I would also disconnect the
electronics where they plug into the wall, but this may not be necessary.

Thanks for your suggestions,

Rich Schiek

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