Re: Microphones for DSV

Charles Sinsofsky <strfire@...>

Well good idea,

we have (that i know of about 10 users now using a wireless mike)

they are using the R/S wireless microphone a few and three of the others
I know are using the Shure wireless mircophone, one in particular is using
the wireless for some time now... but that one is a little more expensive
then the radio shack wireless.

Here is nice store, one of my users is using the wireless and as he goes
for a cup of coffee, talks to DSV gets the scope on the next object and by
the time he comes back to the scope the object he wishes is ready and
waiting for him in the eyepiece...really neat!

-= Charles Sinsofsky

p.s. any decent wireless micrphone with out too much static background noise
will work fine with DSV. I use a headset myself, and it works great. Though
my headset is 'highend' AKG make.

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Charles Sinsofsky wrote:

Inside the users manual there is an excellent choice for two
microphones. One is the radio/shack one, but I do not know if that is
even available in France. the other is a shure microphone that you can
buy directly from A/P ..which I recommend.

The two mikes listed are OK for crooning if you want to mimic Don
Ho(;)), but they're cumbersome. How about a wireless lapel mike? Then I
could still work the remote and drink coffee w/ either hand.


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