Re: AP1200 - Maxim - TheSky - ASCOM Problem

Bob Denny

--- In ap-gto@..., "Chris Curran" <curran.chris@...> wrote:

I thought ASCOM 5.x was not yet recommended for use with AP. I'm using an AP1200, ST-8, Maxim 4.61 and ASCOM 4.1.25 without issue.
ASCOM 5 does not touch any existing drivers. It does not contain any drivers. Drivers that are installed by 4 are virtually guaranteed to be old and more buggy than the drivers that are available from the ASCOM site. Do not install ASCOM 4. We learned our lesson including the drivers with the Platform and separated them in 5. All drivers now are separately installable.

Have you asked Diffraction about this? It is possible that MaxIm stops tracking when it connects. My software does this - if it's not using the scope it stops tracking. A design decision. Since MaxIm does automation via its sequencer, it may do this too so if you go to bed your mount won't crash.

I'd start with Diffraction and go from there. But first get the latest AP driver from the ASCOM site and run with Platform 5.

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