Re: Dec motor Stall

Don Anderson

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I have a 900 GoTo same vintage. I happened to me only once on the second or third time I used it. I have the same power supply and haven't had a problem since. It sounds like a low voltage/current problem; or at least the mount thinks so. Try running the mount from a fully charged 12v battery. If it doesn't do it then, it could be a bad power supply. Failing that, it is possible the Dec motor could be bad.

I have a new in May of last year 900 GTO. Not long after I received the mount I had a dec motor stall. Roland kindly instructed me to remove the motor cover and the large gear to check the worm mesh. After doing just that all was well again. the mesh was just fine by the way. Today I powered up my mount and had an immediate motor stall in dec. I opened the motor housing and removed the large gear. I then reinstalled the gear and powered up the mount. Everything is fine once again. I did not move the worm or reduction gears. I powered down the mount and removed the large gear again an turned the worm by hand and it feels perfect, at least to me. So what is causing this motor stall? The first time it happened I chalked it up as an anomaly, but two times now has me wondering? FWIW I'm using a 5 amp pyramid power supply.


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