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Don Anderson

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I have recently joined the group and while scrolling through the group messages I came across this one on Parking with the Sky. I have a 2008 900 GOTO with a Telvue 127is scope on it. I have been playing with the Sky and Pulse Guide and I find the same thing. The Sky doesn not park the mount properly in the AP park 3 position. It always leaves the RA axis with the counter weight shaft about 5 deg east.
Again when you park it with the key pad or pulse guide, everything works perfectly. I tend to use both Pulse guide and the sky together; ie the sky strictly as a planetarium program and input object coordinates into Pulse guide.
Clear Skys

I now park it with the keypad w/out any issue. Something is going on with Sky 6.

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It's kind of strange. I have a friend with a 1200 and he parks perfectly.
I have everything setup the same, all clocks the same and mine still parks
one hour in RA off from where I train it. No matter how many times I have
trained it. I just ignore it now as it restarts with Pulseguide just fine.
Go figure.....

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My AP900 parks just fine with TheSky. Perhaps you have something
wrong with your TheSky site or time settings. There has been a lot of
discussion in this forum about problems with the TheSky but I've not
seen them.


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I'm having a problem using the Sky to park the mount. It doesn't
park properly - but it works fine with the hand control. Any ideas?

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