Re: Should I remove the counter weight bar?

Rick Thurmond

If you wanted to leave the mount out for a few nights at a time, you
could look into a TeleGizmos cover. I have one of the 365 series
covers. I could leave the mount out all year under the cover except
that in the winter condensation gets on the mount.


On Mar 3, 2009, at 2:22 35PM, John Murphy wrote:

Hi all

I have just had my first night imaging with my new AP1200. The
mount's tracking accuracy is awesome! I also up loaded the PEC curve
to my PC to take a look at the uncorrected periodic error - just less
than 2 arcseconds peak to peak! Amazing!

I do not have an observatory - just a pier in the back garden. Hence
I have to carry the mount out to the garden each night. I was
pleasantly supprised just how portable the two halves of the mount
are. No problem at all. When I remove the mount from the pier, I only
back off one of the azimuth adjusters, so it keeps its polar
alignment reasonably well too.

I have found that it is easier to carry the DEC section with the
counter weight bar attatched - it is easier to grip. It also stops me
worrying about cross threading the bar when I fit it in the dark. My
only worry is, will the extra weight of the counter weight bar cause
too much wear and tear on the RA / DEC dovetail plate as they snap
into place?

A happy new owner
John Murphy

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