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I understand it's a hard concept these days however some companies will
stand by their product no matter what. They are alive and well today
and they intend to be around for a very long time. In seeking a better
design they also seek less customer support in the long run, it's not
about a quick flip for profit and worrying about quality issues... So
trust you're getting the best product and service with AP...

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Thats certainly encouraging. But I just gotta know :-), especially when
I'm about to make a $10K investment. I'm on the AP wait list for a
1200GTO and I'm expecting a notification this month. I was surprised I
couldn't locate the warranty on the AP site

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hey if yours is like my two, you'll never need it Jerry: they are THAT

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Can anyone provide me a copy of the warranty that covers the 1200GTO
mount or a link on the Astro Physics site where I can find this info


Jerry K


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