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snightingale40 <snightingale40@...>

Hi Dave,

I'm not clear on what you mean by:

"...mounted my scopes directly to the TRIAD"

You aren't using dovetail saddles?

I added up the weight and with rings, etc. should be under 80 pounds;
the mount is rated for 140 so that's OK, especially for visual.

The bad news is that I believe my roll-off roof will be blocked from
opening by the added "width" of the set up when parked. It's the kind
of thing I like to think of BEFORE rigging all this stuff together.
If so (I'll measure later) I'll either go back to the tandem bar if
that will work, or take a chainsaw to the end of the roof!


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The positions on the TRIAD bar are fixed, although Robin may be
able to make you a
custom bar. I have my TOA-130 next to the C11, you could probably
put the 160 on the
end opposite the C11. I don't think it will fit next to it.

How much do the AP scopes weigh? You might need a counterweight
extension bar, but if
you are just visual I doubt you will have a problem. I have
probably at least 12 lbs of
imaging equipment in my setup.

I had flexure problems using the TGAD with the TRIAD, once I
removed it and mounted
my scopes directly to the TRIAD, I don't seem to have any issues.
I am currently using the
TOA-130 for imaging and the FS-102 for guiding.


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How adjustable is the center position of the triad bar? I would
the center scope (the 160) offset slightly to fit with the C11;
center to center is a little over 10 inches.



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Thanks Sab and Dave,

Well, I was assuming I'd do the C11 with one of my refractors,
you all got me thinking of the triad.

I own three OTA's:

AP130 Gran Turismo.

Don't have the weights handy, but what do you think of ALL
triad bar on my AP1200? I'm not sure there is a reason to do
but I could always just have two OTA's on it.

I'm replacing my C11 tube with carbon fiber this week. Just the
thought of all this stuff on my AP1200 makes me.....well, never

But seriously, do you think this would work? I'm purely visual
this time, so some slight flexure could be tolerated, but may
some imaging at some point. I keep my set-up permanently in a
off roof observatory.


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