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Dean S


If it does rotate with the RA on the 1200 I have never noticed, and will have to look at it tomorrow night when I set it back up. And to make sure we are saying the same thing, you are saying it automatically turns as the mount moves? Not just rotating by hand?

I don't see how it can turn with with the RA since it screws into the back the same way on both mounts?

And I do use the same PAS with both the same way and it gets me very close on both. Then I do a few minutes with PemPro to fine tune them. Just did them last week at WSP with ease. I don't understand when you say they are different?


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This isn't quite true but it doesn't really matter as far as polar
aligning goes. The PAS does rotate with the rotation of the RA axis on
the 900 and 1200. In fact, it is the method used to align the PAS to
the polar axis of these mounts. It does not rotate with the rotation
of the Mach1GTO so accurate alignment of the PAS cannot be done in
this manner. To extremely accurately align the PAS on a Mach1, one has
to reverse the process. Polar align the scope using a drift method. Do
NOT use the PAS. Then, once the mount is polar aligned, shim the PAS
to align it to the mount.


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On both my mach1 and 1200 it does not rotate worm the mount. And once
aligned it will always be correct when pointing at Polaris.

And as William said, it should not take long to set it anyways.

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Hi Dean,

I can go and triple check, but I'm pretty certain the polar axle
carrying the screwed in polar scope rotates.
The "exception is the Mach-1", I believe, in which the PAS does not
since if it did the cables through the RA axle would twist.
Otherwise, if you are slow and meticulous in aligning both Polaris
and the
two dimmer stars, you would be chasing them and correcting all
night, since
they rotate in the polar scope's field of view.


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Why do you think it makes a difference? The polar scope does not
rotate anyways.

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