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Thanks Joe!


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Steve, my Links to Robin's web site don't work either this
morning. Maybe
he's working on something, or there could be a problem. A couple
months ago
worked with him about a similar problem. It turned out to be a DNS
out there failing look-up forward. Try doing a Trace
Rout, "tracert " from your CMD Line. Maybe there's another
DNS problem
again. Here's Robin's eMail address...joe :)


I just ran a "tracert", from Chiefland, FL. It
out after 22 hops at " []"

"May You Go Among The Imperishable Stars"
Joe Mize
Chiefland Astronomy Village, Fla.

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I just got the bright idea that my AP1200 would handle both my
C11 and
AP130GT nicely as a side-by-side arrangement (picture Napolean
saying "SWEEEET!!!)---but when I go to Robin's site I get a
about a broken link.

Can anyone else confirm the problem?



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