Re: AP1200-database corruption-resolved

snightingale40 <snightingale40@...>

Spent some time tonight observing, after the procedure described
below. Mount performed flawlessly.

Out of curiosity, I'm wondering why power "resets" seemed to cause my
initial difficulty.

Not that it matters, it's working great now.


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I think. Here's what happened:

1. Last night, rapid fire resets/clicks, followed by random
scope wouldn't go to park position.
2. RA and Decs for M objects checked, and are correct. Looks like
database is OK.
3. Thoroughly cleaned power connector with DeOxit, spread pin,
cleaned pins inside hand controller.
4. Went through original start-up procedure (clock time was off a
5. Manually slewed to sun, and used synch routine for polar aligned
6. Pressed park and it parked itself as nice as can be.

So it seems like it's fixed, when dark I'll (hopefully) find it's

Assuming it's fixed, any reason why a series of resets would cause
the mount to get so confused? Maybe science can't explain

BTW, the pin cleaning procedure described by Howard in a previous
post (I don't have the post number) was quite simple. I wonder if
procedure should be on AP's website, or come with the mounts. Seems
like a simple thing to do every year, or as needed.


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