AP1200-database corruption?

snightingale40 <snightingale40@...>

Hi Folks,

I had a database corruption a few years ago (2?), and successfully
repaired it by replacing keypad battery and downloading new database
from AP.

Tonight I had problems again, but it seems different. First, when I
turned on my power supply got a string of "clicks" as if I had a bad
power connection. Tightened everything up, and it all seemed good.
Tried a goto to M42 and the mount headed off to a random direction.
Manually slewed to M42 and "zeroed it"; tried a slew to M1 and again
it headed off in a random direction. Stopped the slew, punched in
M42, and it went back fine. Tried a slew to Rigel and again no go.
Tried to park it and again, a random slew.

The coordinates displayed for these objects seem correct, and I'm not
getting any weird "below horizon" messages, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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