Re: Something Larger then the 1200?

Marj <astrophy@...>

There are no plans for a larger mount. We have our hands full with our
current production (as many of you know). Public observatories are more
common in Japan which probably encouraged development of the larger mounts.
The prices are astronomical.
Marjorie Christen

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I guess I should send this directly to AstroPhysics, but I wonder if they
are considering something larger then the current 1200 goto mount. When
considering the availability of large Ritchie and classical cassegrain
instruments, it would be nice to see something larger that could be
installed in a permanent observatory. Maybe 200 lb. load capacity. There
appears to be a gap of US made commercially made "BIG" mounts. If however
you look at the Japanese telescope catalogues, you will see a plethora of
large systems for permanent installation.

John Gleason, dvj@...

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