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Yves Laroche

Hi Bill,

You wrote “First of all ACP will not image through the Meridian.”. This is
not true anymore. Since ACP version 5.1, it’s possible to image past the
meridian for a certain amount of time determined par the user. I found out
yesterday when reading a post from DC3-Dreams forum at

I can’t talk about it any further because just get inform about it.




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Marco Lorenzi wrote:

1) Scope and dome control software: ACP (http://www.dc3. com)

I saw their product and the demo in their site, that seems quite
interesting. Do you have a direct experience about it? How did you find it?
Hi Marco,

Like Wade I also use ACP and I will tell you that when it works, it
works so good it's scary. And the good news is that when it doesn't work
it is usually due to improper setup. There are some caveats as with any
software but they are really insignificant. First of all ACP will not
image through the Meridian. Really bad things can happen with an
automated/remote system so this is a good thing. But one that you need
to be aware of. Similar to if you had a Bisque mount. They will not
image through the Meridian either. Secondly, as has been mentioned here
before, the computer controlling things needs to be reasonably up to
date Win XP and it needs to have all the patches applied that deal with
Daylight Savings Time. Not having this done can create problems about
twice a year <g>

thanks to confirm the AP are ok for that (I saw that basically everyone is
using the Paramount for remote operations so I supposed it was somehow the
only mount really suitable for that.)
The Paramount has a "hardware home" that can come in handy when things
get out of control. The AP1200/AP900 do not. But it is possible to
supply one after the fact. I think Foster Systems has this as an add on.
IIRC the El Capitan has this built in.

I agree with Stuart comments about the importance of avoid cables snagging
(thanks Stuart).
How would you rate the importance of adding a cloud/rain sensor like the
boltwood or the cheaper cloudwatcher by durango skies?
I also believe an (infrared) webcam always monitoring the internal of the
dome/shelter should be a must..
Cable Management is up to the owner/operator and with due diligence it
isn't a big deal. The Cloud Sensor and Weather Station can be a very
valuable tool if operating remotely. As could an All Sky Camera. As for
webcam monitoring, I'm not sure that would want IR present in the
structure while I was imaging. Using this during slews etc is not a
problem but I would have some way to turn off the IR while imaging.

It's curious that no one mentioned security. That is a real problem I
think. Remote Imaging usually implies someplace dark, which further
implies away from civilization and that usually means that it may be
vulnerable to theft/vandalism.



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