Re: AP Portable Piers good for Astro Photo work?


Yes that is the way I have always done it. Easy to get polaris within the FOV of the polar scope with a properly offset compass lined up along the sides of my AP1200.

However the idea of adjusting the mount to blast polaris out of the sky with a properly aligned polar laser has a certain appeal... I will just have to stick a laser and my fingers in the hole as Richard suggests. (Enough said)


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Yeah that doesn't do it for me Kent: the issue I have is the two places where the mount gets used are different in terms of the ground being level.
it is trivial to get the aziumth right. I can eyeball it and get it about 95% of the time on the first attempt. The issue for me is elevation. That's a lot harder to get right. The laser makes it trivial.
I like trivial. It means EASY....

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There is another, much older way to 'get' Polaris in the field of view of
the Polar Alignment Scope.
Use a compass, set with the correct Declination offset.
I do this all the time at remote sites and I am always very close in azimuth
and well within the azimuth adjuster on the AP mount. My elevation doesn't
usually change very much, but even when it does, all I have to do is crank the
axis up or down and Polaris moves into view.

Kent Kirkley

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Typically my adjustment needing to be made is elevation due to taking the
mount to my ranch versus my backyard (the ground isn't very flat out there on
the ranch where I set up) sp this laser trick is a huge timesaver because most
of the time I lose is trying to get Polaris into the FOV of the finder scope
when I am way off.

All I really do with it is get Polaris within my FOV of the alignment scope:
it is great for that. Once it is in the FOV the rest is trivial.

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