Re: AP Portable Piers good for Astro Photo work?


Its a great idea. What laser are you using so that it is properly aligned up the bore of the polar axis?


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Credit Hank Sielski for the laser idea.... I forgot to mention it yesterday. He's the fellow that I picked up the idea from and it is a good idea and saves time for me.

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Thanks very much gents for the information.

I'm going to roll this set up out of my garage on a JMI wheely Bar.

The laser idea sound very good Richard.


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I have a 1200GTO in bound. I was thinking about an ATS pier, but
wondering what the group's experiences are using the AP portable

Being nothing close to an engineer by trade, it seems like a
rigid design. But I don't want to have to worry about out growing
it. I will be mounting 70 pounds of gear right off, but who knows
what I may have next.

Thanks for your help.
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