Re: AP Portable Piers good for Astro Photo work?


Having both an AP pier and 2 ATS piers I must comment that the ATS piers are less hassle to set up quickly and take down if field portability/convenience is important. (If saving a few minutes is important) It is small things such as the handy carrying handle, the legs and lateral height adjusters being all integrated and cant get "lost". As has been stated, the ATS piers with a built in bubble level is more easily leveled also. And you can even get them painted AP white so they look good too! (Yes I like them!)

Both piers are rock solid however and the AP piers are of course cheaper.


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I have been using AP piers in the field for nearly 2 decades. They are more than adequate for even the most demanding astrophotography.

- John Gleason

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I have a 1200GTO in bound. I was thinking about an ATS pier, but I'm
wondering what the group's experiences are using the AP portable pier.

Being nothing close to an engineer by trade, it seems like a pretty
rigid design. But I don't want to have to worry about out growing
it. I will be mounting 70 pounds of gear right off, but who knows
what I may have next.

Thanks for your help.

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