Re: Mount hit pier last night... fell asleep! Now the yellow light is on !

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Jeff,

While I agree that a DMM might be helpful, I wonder if a continuity test is sufficient. If the RA cable was snagged, and one of the wires was strained enough to pull "partially" out of its solder cup (or crimp), that wire (one of the phases), might be driving a lot of current through just one strand. The DMM would indicate a connection, and even a wire resistance measure might be too low to show significant difference.

Since the DEC motor slews properly, I suggested that this half of the cable be used with the RA motor to see if it would slew properly O(never mind the LED colour). In fact the DEC motor doesn't have to be powered for the first part of this test. If the swapped half of the cable makes the RA motor slew, at all, then we can assume the other half was marginal, or failed. Next step, driving the DEC motor with what was the RA half would confirm a faulty cable.

This should be done using an A/C power supply just to eliminate the battery. Even so, if the battery has no problem providing full power for a DEC motor slew, it probably isn't a power problem.

Anyway, that's my guess.

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My vote would be damaged cable. When I broke a DEC cable, it did similar
things.. yellow light and iirc no slew.
The cable end is not hard to take apart. Unfortunately, a broken wire might
not be obvious, and you might need to test it w/ the DMM.
In my case, I was able to find the broken wire, resoldered it, and all was
fine. (I then purchased a spare Y cable.)

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