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I think it was the condition more than the length, I suspected that
length was an issue. In addition, only one night was good so we will
see how it does the rest of the week.

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Hi Dean.

In the olden days of mainframes and minicomputers, serial
cables were
commonly sold upto a maximum 25 foot standard length, at 1200 baud
believe, because that was just about the "limit of reliable
(ANS standard), depending on baud rate - unless you ordered special
"shielded twisted pair", which typically would go 50 to 100 feet at
baud rates of about 9.6 KB, (or you used four wire or even two wire
loop comms, which were good for a couple of miles, or even
differential pair
RS-432/429 ).

So, I am not surprised that the 25 foot cable dropped command
to the servo, especially at 19.2 KB, or even 9600B from the laptop.


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Thanks for the information. Last night I gave him my backup
cable and for the first time had no issues, temps were about the
if not colder. His cable did not look to be the best but also was
very long, maybe 25ft. I don't think distance is an issue and as
said, even though the calbe seemed ok, it looked worned out.

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