Re: Random Keypad Resets

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Mark,

Have you, or anyone else here, tried spraying "contact cleaner" into the panel DC socket and plug?
Also, double check the tightness of the panel lock nut on the power cord. If loose, a bit of power cable sway "might" make intermittent contact of the panel connector to the PCB. Not sure about this, but I suspect that has recently happened to me. Still investigating.

The other thing to check is that the Keypad cord connector is locked down tight onto the control panel - give it a shake and see if the problem occurs. Since this is a bayonet twist lock, rather than screwed down, a worn notch might be a cause of loss of power from the panel to the Keypad.


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I have had intermittent keypad resets now for almost 5 years..

These "resets" were getting worse as time passed.. I worked with AP
many times to resolve the issue.. First I replaced my power supply to
eliminate it as a potential problem.

The only thing I have found to be a good "temporary" fix is to follow
the instructions Howard describes in his earilier post.. Bad
connections (oxidation, loose connections) have been the only
problems I have found that have caused this problem in my case.

The oxidation on the pin connections inside the keypad itself is not
normally detectable to the eye, but it is there. Follow Howard's
instructions and the reset will go away..... but in my case it has
returned about every 3-4 months.

My AP1200 is permanently mounted in a observatory year round.. My
mount is used 3-4 times a week average. Being exposed to the
elements during observing sessions (dew conditions,
etc.) repeatedly is what I feel is the real reason for the oxidation

I now clean all connections every 3-4 months or at the first sign of
a reset.

Mark Clegg

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I use the keypad exclusively with my 900 GTO. Recently the keypad
has been intermittently resetting again. It's been getting
worse and I'm anxious to fix it before setting off to France in two

By 'reset' I mean that the keypad makes a clicking noise, the
goes through the Astro-Physics startup sequence (as though it had
just been powered up), it ends up in 'bright' mode in the base
startup menu, and I lose various settings such as the current
slew speeds, etc. Interestingly the Meridian Delay setting seems
be retained. This reset occurs randomly and for no apparent
most usually during an imaging session while I am away from the
mount. But two nights ago I saw this happening - I was close by the
mount (but not touching anything) and the keypad suddenly went
through 6-7 resets in rapid succession. It sounded like a camera
shutter going off at high speed. I recently changed to a new 13.8V
5A PSU but it has made no difference to the problem.

I realise this has no effect on the mount controller which still
knows where it is pointing but having a hand controller that
goes berserk is disconcerting, as well as the loss of settings.

In the past I have temporarily solved this by having a good general
'poke around' inside the hand controller, trying to clean / firm up
connectors, etc. I can certainly do this again, of course. But
ultimately a 'random poke around' can't be a good solution. I
if by now there is some sort of consensus as to what most usually
causes the random keypad reset issue? I would love to solve it.

Many thanks for any help!
Philip Perkins
Wiltshire UK & Luberon France
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