Re: my AP1200 points off into space

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Geert,

I agree, all ring mounts should be made that way.
However, there is one work around, that Roland & Howard described recently on this group.

If you can get your guide scope as close to parallel to the OTA as possible - perhaps using reticle eyepiece(s) - then you can simply adjust the screws on the guide scope to remove it's parallax error. The view in the main OTA should still be "reasonably close" (though not centred), to the target and still usable, unless you are at a very narrow FOV.

It's a compromise, I know, but simpler to adjust 3 tiny finder screws than adding shims and retesting, if you don't want perfection right away.

Another way, I wonder if it would be possible to someday, enter an RA/DEC parallax offset parameter into the Keypad. But, I suppose that would be the same as doing a ReCal.


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Well, simple in theory yes. But imagine at night having to take of a +20 kg
telescope + accessories to put shims under rings or dovetail saddle and then
remounting everything to check orthogonality and then probably start over
again a few times to remove or add extra shims, well this for sure is a good
workout to achieve very good GoTo's! So, I thought: would it be possible
to have some sort of adapter between dovetail saddle/mounting plate that
allows easier adjustment say with a set of push-pull screws or so, without
having to remove the telescope to add shims?

Best regards,

Geert Vandenbulcke

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