Re: An easier Pasillx N & S Polar Alignment method

Roland Christen

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When you did the first iterations on Vega, you stated that it allowed you
to get the finder orthagonal. I'm not sure what you mean by this and how you
insure that it is orthagonal
When a scope (or finder in this case) is not orthogonal to the mount, it will
be off by twice the orthogonal error when doing the Meridian Flip. So, using
logic, one starts with Vega perfectly centered on the finder crosshairs in the
East. After the flip, the star will be off N-S due to altitude angle error,
and E-W due to orthogonal error. In both cases one does the exact same thing -
move the star 1/2 way to the crosshair center with the adjusters and bring it
the rest of the way with the N-S and E-W buttons. For the N-S you move the alt
axis screw, for the orthogonal E-W direction you move the finderscope's
adjustment screws. When you are done and the star is perfectly centered on the
crosshairs, you do a Recal to fix this new physical position into the servo as
the actual RA/Dec co-ordinate of Vega.

Now that Vega is again on the crosshair with the scope in the West, do the
iteration again, same way by flipping the scope over to the East. Each iteration
will bring Vega closer to the center of the crosshair. Once it remains
centered on each side of the meridian, you are finished. The mount's altitude axis
is properly set and the finderscope's adjuster screws are also properly set, so
you are 1/2 polar aligned and the finder is perfectly orthogonal.


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