Re: An easier Pasillx N & S Polar Alignment method

Mark Squicquero


The Helmet cam comes with the necessary attachment gear, and you don't need the DVR setup although I got one with the package I purchased.  The camera comes with the so called "DVR Travel Adapter"  which interfaces to the bottom of the Archos and has a 4 conductor male stereo jack and a power tab.  It can run off of the Archos battery or you can plug in an external 5v power supply.  The DVR station has numerous inputs and outputs.  You can have S-Video in and out, RGB in and out, Composite in and out, as well as usb A and usb mini B.  So the DVR station looks like the way to add another camera with better low light specs.  I was thinking of getting something like a Stellacam 3 so that I could do some video stuff through the scope (after polar aligning of course ;-) .


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