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Now eagerly waiting for M13 ..... :-)

It's up on the website in the Gallery section under Roland's test images.
As much as I like pursuing globulars - they are very dramatic objects - I have refrained so
far from chasing them and this is due to the fact that I cannot get good overall colour for
one reason or another. I am almost convinced it is due to the ST-2000XM and I will
certainly be revisiting them with the new gun (ST-10XME).

Case in point is my M13 which we can use for comparison (AP160 vs AP305): (please click on the image for a
higher resolution version).

One obvious difference between our results is the colour and where you managed to
capture the older members of the cluster nicely. Even though my result is LRGB with
correction for QE balance (G2V calibration using 16-Cygni) and atmospheric extinction, I
do not have any trace of red and in contrast to your result which is rich in colour and in
spite of the fact you have only 6.7 minutes total data (I had 120 minutes).


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