Re: An easier Pasillx N & S Polar Alignment method

Joe Zeglinski

Roland ... excellent and reassuring description.

Just like Anthony earlier, I also saved your post as a separate text file to my AP folder, for future reference.
This is definitely - another keeper.


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With the right camera and fine enough control over the reticle brightness
this could be a really neat comercial product for those of us who hate to
kneel before our AP1200's ;-)
Howard and myself set up a 3600 mount last night from scratch, polar aligned
it and began imaging by 8pm, just after evening twilight. We were able to do
unguided imaging with a focal length of 3810 mm (12" F12.5 Mak-Cass), achieving
FWHM stars of 1.8 arc seconds on M13. The seeing wasn't the greatest and
there were thin high clouds, but the real achievement was to do the polar
alignment without using a polar scope or drift alignment, and still be able to get the
alignment dead nuts accurate for unguided imaging.

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