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Phil, you should look at SkyTools
( by Greg Crinklaw. It's not
clear from your message whether you want to simply avoid punching RA &
DEC info into the keypad for every star, or actually script the mount
to move through a sequence of objects without human intervention, as
would be desirable for a remote observatory. SkyTools does the former
brialliantly, and building an observing list filtered for the
variables you want to observe is very straightforward and rapid. Then
you use the SkyTools "RealTime" plugin, which is an ASCOM driver, to
drive the mount. Slewing from object to object is by pushing the space
bar on your laptop - it could not be easier.

It does not do scripting but there is a new version about to be
released that will emphasize imaging capabilities more - perhaps this
will be added. It's pretty much all I use for visual observing with my
AP1200 and 10" Mak-Cass.


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Dear Howard, Roland & any group member that knows the answer to my
If I am doing a nightly sequence of variable star observations is
there a way to have a preplanned (pre-programmed) sequence of targets
so that I can simply go from one star to the next without having to
enter the RA & DEC of each target star? On any given night I may want
to do 15 variable stars and it would be most desirable to go from one
star to the next without the re entering of coordinates. Earlier
Vstar observers would likely tell me that a "good" observer would just
know how to get from one star to the next from my knowledge of the
night sky! However, I would like to take advantage of the AP1200's
full capabilities. Many of my target stars are in fields were I am
looking for a target that my only be 12th mag or fainter. A feature
that may already be on the AP1200 that I am unaware of would be rather
I very much appreciate your response.
Phil Dombrowski
Glastonbury, CT

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