Re: An easier Pasillx N & S Polar Alignment method

Joe Zeglinski

Thanks for the further info, Mark.

I agree with you that ths should be a product by somebody in the telescope business - AP?

As a matter of fact, with the encouragement of your obvious success using it on the PAS, I am going to try to follow up on this approach. I checked the Archos web site on that product and there are no Helmet Cam specs, so choosing a replacement would pose some problems - such as camera connector and pinout compatibility or standardization to their camera port ( Archos DVR Station ? ). Did you also have to purchase the optional Archos DVR Station, or does their Helmet camera just plug right into the unit?

Please let us know if you find a much more suitable video cam for this application. I suppose, at this early stage of technology, ANY video camera used to capture PAS images is still limited to NTSC low res images. Perhaps Hi Def miniature PC video cameras are not too far behind. That would really make this a great PAS add-on.


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The reticle does appear in the video quite well. I have the Pasill plugged into the mount controller and set to the lowest setting, which is still too bright sometimes. I will turn the reticle on and off to aquire the two fainter stars and then approximate their positions. I find the camera, which is definitely not a low light camera, gets very grainey as it gets darker. The best views occur just before full darkness, at least in this camera. I won't be at the scope until next weekend since it's at my vacation home (much darker there :-) . The whole setup actually worked better than I expected and really didn't cost much since I bought everything on Ebay. It took me about 1/2 hour to make the adapter after a quick trip to Home Depot and a walk down the plumbing isle. The entire setup is small and very portable and most importantly self contained. It actually makes the polar alignment process very easy, at least for initial Pasill
alignment. With the right camera and fine enough control over the reticle brightness this could be a really neat comercial product for those of us who hate to kneel before our AP1200's ;-)



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