Re: Satellite tracking for AP900?

masterson_harold <hfm5022@...>

Yes it can be done but there are too many hoops to jump thought to
get it done tonight.

First download and install Satellite Tracker from look for

Second you will need to down load the current orbital elements. You
can get them from you will need to register to
download the elements but it's not a big deal.

Satellite Tracker is a good program but not very well documented and
at times not very intuitive. The one thing you must do is under
Telescope select Interface protocol then LX200 compatible.

I have used it to track the ISS with a AP900 and it did a nice job.

You will want to try for updated
satellite predictions. You can practice with the program using any
bright satellite listed for your time and area.

It sound more difficult than it is, but worth the effort.

--- In ap-gto@..., Christopher Vedeler <vedeler@...>

I've just learned that the ISS is passing right over (88 degrees
azimuth) Phoenix tonight. I was wondering if there was anyway I
get my AP900 to track it so I could view it under high power?


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