Re: Satellite tracking for AP900?

Richard Moore


1. Go to the Yahoo Tech Groups website. (Same site that has the ap-gto group).
2. Sign in using your present Yahoo user name and password.
3. Go to the [satellitetracker] group page.
4. Join the [satellitetracker] group.
5. When you receive approval of your membership in the group:
6. Go back to the [satellitetracker] group home page.
7. On the left hand panel click on Files.
8. Scroll down to setup.exe (Satellite Tracker) and download the file.
9. Install the program (Satellite Tracker) on your computer.

When the program comes up select "LX200 Compatible"
under the Telescope Tab.

Lots of help in the group messages.


I've just learned that the ISS is passing right over (88 degrees
azimuth) Phoenix tonight. I was wondering if there was anyway I could
get my AP900 to track it so I could view it under high power?


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