Re: An easier Pasillx N & S Polar Alignment method

Joe Zeglinski

Thanks Hank,

I just figured since a laser is already highly collimated, yet another lens after the lens in the laser, wasn't going to do anything.

I looked at a 150 mw laser in the local astro store, and asked if it is "street legal". The clerk said it was - in Canada - but likely not in the USA. Have you seen anything on the legality of these anywhere, and what the legal power levels are? I was surprised that these can be sold. If they are legal, I may get one since my 5 mw GLP is really too weak for astro, unless you sight right along the beam, not to the side.

If that works, I may try just mounting the GLP "front end section", which has the laser module itself, and power it with a battery wire connection. That would make the attachment much easier and alignment of the GLP more precise. Most of the GLP pen is taken by two AA batteries, so just converting the laser end cap to a slip on eyepiece cap, would make the GLP as easy to add to the Pasillx PAS, as a normal eyepiece cover.


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Hi Joe,

The aperture of the PAS is a small one, but at least its a
secondary. Also, while it does probably attenuate the beam a bit, it may
also have the effect to collimate it, so the "pointing" error may be offset
somewhat. At least, I only use it to get "close" to the final Alt/Az of
Polaris. Finally, my green laser pointer doesn't really suffer from the
attenuation by the PAS simply by being a bit more powerful than

Clear Skies,


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