Re: An easier Pasillx N & S Polar Alignment method

Joe Zeglinski

Sorry to pi** you off, Bill, but I figured somebody would state the obvious without much contemplation.

To answer the obvious, as a professional engineer, I spent quite some time - months - planning, measuring and testing the best height to always set my Losmandy tripod, to suit the OTA placement procedure. The main concern was to fix the height "precisely" so that the AP-900 saddle would be no higher than MY shoulder height when I carried the OTA into position. I figured this would avoid back injury, which I have a pretty good start on already.
So ... the AP-900 must be at the chosen height. Short of a hoop toss of the OTA into the saddle, your taller pier idea is inappropriate.

That being the case, this makes the polar scope position difficult, but not impossible to use - physically. However, my being limited to suburb use, the polar scope view is fairly dim. I did get all three stars aligned, but it takes more kneeling position time than I would like - O.K. on grass, but snow makes things uncomfortable.

As you propose, I could hire somebody to do it - I suppose the price of the equipment implies that hiring a servant isn't a big deal ... for some.

As for sticking to visual - how does that solve the PAS use problem?
Of course, using the PAS is only the first setup step, and I do use Roland's procedure to get final alignment. However, it sure would be nice to make good, BUT "easier" use of the PAS.

Thanks for your practical suggestions, Bill. What else 'ya got?

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Get a taller pier so you don't have kneel down.

Hire somebody to do it for you

Stick to visual

Buy a Hubble book instead of doing astrophotography.


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