Re: An easier Pasillx N & S Polar Alignment method

Hank Sielski


Joking aside, a taller pier or using an astrochair to sit lower might help.

If you move around in latitude a bit like I do (between northern and
southern California), or find that your altitude (or azimuth) is way off for
some reason, I find that shooting a green laser up through the PAS helps to
get Polaris close to the center of the FOV of the PAS without
kneeling/bending. After that, then you still need to look through the PAS
to get Polaris moved to the offset area and align the other two stars.

Even if you can't do this later part (bright skies, or whatever) , you still
might be able to use the meridan delay or two star method (documented in the
manual) to get even closer.

After that, you can do a drift alignment, if you need to, but this isn't
necessary if you're only going visual.

Beyond that, I think you'll have to resort to something with software on a
PC and a camera to zero in your polar alignment (Pulseguide, Pole-Align_Max,
etc. lots of choices here).

The idea to use to hook up a guide camera to use as a video finder or
something seems interesting...let us know if you get something working.


On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 3:02 PM, William R. Mattil

Joseph Zeglinski wrote:

Comments, please?


Get a taller pier so you don't have kneel down.

Hire somebody to do it for you

Stick to visual

Buy a Hubble book instead of doing astrophotography.


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