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Thanks for your description. It saves some time for the 'poor relative'. I
have to think how this relates to similar commands of my Gemini. As they say
'let me think'.



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I have to learn (AP manuals are available online) what the difference
between 'rcal' (recalibrate) and 'sync' for the AP mount is.
Rcal allows you to update the present position to the RA/Dec coordinates
you wish this position to be, regardless of whether the telescope is on the
proper side of the moutn or not. Sync is for initial setup where you place
scope on the opposite side of the mount where the object is (i.e. if the
object is in the west, you place the scope on the east side). Sync therefore

defines the proper relation ship of the scope and mount at initial setup.
These two
commands allow you subsequently to image past the meridian if you wish, with

scope under the mount, so that you can do continuous tracking without having
flip the scope around. You can send the scope under the mount in the east
with the object in the east, and then begin imaging the entire night without

flip, until next morning when the object reaches the western horizon.

Yes, it require just a tiny bit more intelligence on the part of the user
versus some other systems, but I truly believe that all of our customers
more than enough grey matter to master this simple thing. We could have made
system easier, but this would have eliminated some neat features.


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