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BTW, the Gemni hand controller coexists happily with the planetarium
program, it even syncs (or additional aligns) with an object selected by the
program calling it a 'PC object' - its coordinates have to be communicated
to Gemini for a slew, after all.
BTW, the AP keypad aslo coexists happily with the planetarium program. It
even syncs (or recals) with an object selected by the program, calling it a
custom 'RA/Dec' - its coordinates also have to be communicated to the AP keypad
after all.

So, how does one do this? In the Objects Menu window, one presses RA/Dec=>
This automatically uploads the present RA/Dec number to the keypad. To set the
internal keypad to this new position, simply exit (press Menu), press bottom
right hand button, then press Rcal. This sets the internal RA/Dec of the keypad
to the same location as is on the computer screen. If the object is not in the
center of the eyepiece or CCD image, you can center the object further using
the direction buttons. Once it is centered, press Rcal again to define this
new position as the original RA/Dec. You will see on the planetarium program
that as you center the object in the eyepiece via the buttons, the cursor will
move away from the object center on the screen, and as soon as you press Rcal,
the cursor will move back to the center of the object on your planetarium
screen. With this simple method you have essentially "Synced" the planetarium
program, the mount internal position and where the scope is really pointing.

The point of this is simple: if you want the keypad to do a recal, then you
must set it up so that the last object in the keypad memory IS the one you are
pointing to. If you point to something with a planetarium program, then the
only way the keypad knows this is for it to monitor the position of the servo
via the RA/DEC=> also known as the digital setting circle readout.

Does this make sense?


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