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Interesting. I am using TheSky6 exclusively with my Gemini for remote
control and, as far as I can tell, it calculates meridian line correctly. No
idea about the horizon, I do not want to have anything to do with horizon. I
park through the ASCOM driver in the Gemini 'home' position also called CWD
position (counter-weight down). In that position the Sun can never shine
into the scope (due north at altitude 34 for my location). I think this is
the safest parking position but this may be a matter of opinion.

BTW, the Gemni hand controller coexists happily with the planetarium
program, it even syncs (or additional aligns) with an object selected by the
program calling it a 'PC object' - its coordinates have to be communicated
to Gemini for a slew, after all.

I have to learn (AP manuals are available online) what the difference
between 'rcal' (recalibrate) and 'sync' for the AP mount is. Gemini is
different - sync is sync (shifting the mapped coordinates without changing
the model), 'additional align' is modifying the model to improve future
pointing. Sorry for bringing the experiences of a 'poor relative' here.

Just for the record, the bug in TheSky6 may have existed some time ago but I
do not believe it does now. TheSky knows (it's a US law) when the switch
from ST to DT takes place and adjusts, I believe, the value of the
difference between local civil time and UTC.


The current version of TheSky6 is

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I suspect my problem is in the time settings now that you said park is in
relation to the horizon. The Sky6 parks it about an hour off so that makes
sense. However the handbox parks it correctly.
The Sky6 parks it wrong because it does not account for daylight savings
it calculates the horizon and meridian lines. This is a bug in the program
which should be fixed in the latest version of the program.


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