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Joe Zeglinski

Hi Rolando,

I wasn't aware about the fine point of having to select a previous "specific named object" (star, galaxy, nebula, etc.), for the RECAL to work. So, just issuing a GOTO to a RA-DEC coordinate, with the keypad, does NOT allow it to be used for this? I figured that if I chose to hunt for keypad database "unlisted object", say a Caldwell Catalogue (ugh) object, punched in the RA & DEC, and hit GOTO, then I could RECAL on it after a bit of centering.

Without this exception, the command is limited to a broad list of specific objects, from specific catalogues.
I didn't realize this fine point. If so, perhaps the firmware could be augmented to create a temporary "pseudo object" name (AP-00), following any GOTO "RA-DEC" command. That should satisfy the servo, and might also extend to planetarium originated commands, thus providing a remedy to the inconsistency you described.


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The hand controller is always there ready to use. You just cannot recal on
something with the hand controller that is not a "previous object". Recal means
recalibrate on previous object. If you have no previous object in the keypad,
then it has nothing to calibrate on. >

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