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One more off topic lead - I saw an "ear mount" white LED flashlight, with push button switch, for about $2 in a grab bin, at a local job shop (Princess Auto, in Canada). This flashlight is about the size of a hearing aid plug. It clips around the ear like a cell phone headphone. I considered replacing the LED with a red one, but I personally don't like things hanging around my ear - especially since it is not padded, just a plastic ring. Still, it is a very good idea. Swap out the LED and slip on some tubing as ear padding, and you have a perfect solution.


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I understand your desire to have a handy flashlight.
Let me offer a few alternative and much cheaper solutions.
Segway.....into flashlights.

I've been into flashlights all my life.....all kinds....but for astronomy and
imaging you can't beat a headlamp. A headlamp allows you to use both hands
and your mouth for their intended purposes.
I usually wear one all night or whenever I'm out in the dark with the gear
and it's alway handy.

I used to use various 'regular' flashlights in my pocket, on lanyards, in my
mouth, etc.
I got tired of salavating all the time.

There are a lot on the market designed for cavers, camping and mountaineering
but I've found the best for our use is the inexpensive (about $10) GE
Energizer headlamp which has two white and one red led.
It is tiltable so one can put the light where you need it. It runs for a long
time on 3-AAA's and is light weight.
You can find them at Walmart, Target, etc.

Kent Kirkley

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