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Wiggins, Rick

Hi Chris,
I understand your desire to have a handy flashlight.
Let me offer a few alternative and much cheaper solutions.

1. This is the one I use. I have several small red flashlights
including tiny Gerber ones with 1 AA baterry. They are all on
lanyards. I put one around my neck around an hour before dark and
leave it there all night. Many times I need both hands, so I hold
the flashlight in my mouth (might be a bit sporty to hold the
handcontroller in my mouth). I keep a second one by my laptop
(although a use a red gooseneck LED to light my keyboard) and a
third one in my car or in my warming room if I at at the
observatory. I stock spare flashlights and batteries (very handy for
those Murphy moments and when I have guests). P.S. I keep a backup
red and white flashlight in my car glove box (in addition to the
other one in the car) for those Power Murphy moments.
2. Keep a spare flashlight clipped to your pier.

I would not want to use the handcontroller as a flashlight due to
the cord and potential for catching it on something while digging
around on the ground looking for something.

Just some alternative views as food for thought.
Thanks, Rick

--- In ap-gto@..., "Chris Curran" <curran.chris@...>

I don't "hang" my controller on it's hook. I have some of that 2"
industrial velcro on the back of my controller and at various
on the pier. I just "stick" it. I'd like the red led for use as a
flashlight - for when I drop stuff on the ground and my real
flashlight it back at the laptop. Say you're trying to adjust that
reticle and you drop that 0.9mm black hex wrench on the ground....
Yea, I did that and by the time I got back with light, it was too
late. :)

I have plenty of bubble/other levels. I'd just like to have
it "built
in" so I didn't have to find it each time I setup. I suppose I
epoxy one to the mount...

Luminous white paint? Really? Please don't setup next to me. :)

cheers & beers,

--- In ap-gto@..., "Joseph Zeglinski" <J.Zeglinski@>

Hi Chris,

I would second your wish for the "red light". I think it
should be
pointed up from in front of the keypad hook, since I find it
to poke
around in the dark trying to attach the BLACK ring onto a mating
hook on the
mount. That requires two hands as I end up doing it by feel -
much more
difficult with gloves on.

To solve my own problem - for lack of a red LED - I plan on
the AP keypad hook" with luminous white paint used for fishing
lures. If
the keypad hook were made of clear plastic material, a backward
(not top)
pointing red LED could both light up the hook with "edge-
lighting", and
provide a back pointing lamp when you need to check something
it, and
avoid it pointing upward at the scope.

As for item #1, the bubble level, I bought one of those cheap
two axis
bubble levels ( visit Scopestuff) - the one that is on a flat red
triangle plate - and simply place it approximately on the AP
base plate
pivot point, or flush against the azimuth adjuster block, for a
convenient viewpoint.


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I have two suggestions for upcoming AP mounts though:

1) A bubble level built into the base of the mount.
2) a red led light built into the hand controller.

cheers & beers,

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