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Chris Curran <curran.chris@...>


"Meridian Flip" typically means something else - usually you're
telling the software that your scope has moved from one side of the
mount to the other for guiding purposes. When I "flip" sides, I
recalibrate so I never use this feature.

I'm guessing that if your GOTO mount calculates and uses LST, you
could adjust the LST in your mount and use the MD method. I've also
got an EM-200 mount that I never did figure out how to use the MD
method with - there's no time setting.

If you figure something please out let us know...

cheers & beers,

--- In ap-gto@..., "Ladislav Nemec" <nemecl@...> wrote:

One should, indeed, do his quick search before asking a question
here. It
appears that the method described in detail in one of the AP manuals
can be
used for Gemini Level 4. I never tried that but, apparently, as long
as the
same object can be reached from both east and west from meridian, a
'Meridian Flip' appears on the Gemini Quick Menu. Actually simpler than
described in the AP manual. In about 5 hours I'll try that.

Again, my apologies for being off-topic here but Rolando certainly
gives a
good advice, not only to AP users.



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