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Hi Roland,

the thing with the star in the zenith is very good. I haven't read it
in the manual. You should add it there.


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#1. In adjusting azimuth you say you can use the same star used for
altitude to move back to, which you said earlier in the description
should be near the meridian. Then you say after going to a second
star you move back to the one near the zenith. You never mentioned
the star should be near the zenith earlier. Did you mean meridian?
I usually use the star near the Zenith, near or on the meridian for
the first
step. If you use this for the second step, you will not change its
on the crosshair as you adjust the azimuth angle (simply because its

#2. In the Keypad manual to make the azimuth adjustment, it says to
select two stars in the east or west with similar right ascension
values. Your description here is different since you say you can use
for one of the stars the one used for altitude adjustment. Will
either way work the same?
Think about it. You can realistically use any star in any direction
if you
start with the one at the Zenith.


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