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Hi Roland,

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I think people have trouble with my meridian delay method because
they never
try it. Maybe they read it in the manual, and conclude that it is
somehow very
complicated. It is indeed the simplest method available to you.

I use this method every time in the field when I setup and it works
like a charm. The closer the star is to the meridian the better the
result is as any residual azimuth error will be minimized there. Then,
who wants to flip the scope when >2hrs off the meridian? ;-)

It was interesting t read your azimuth method, too. I hadn't know of
it and just used a drift method in the south. Quite practical if one
just has the star for the altitude adjustment still sitting there.
From when I see the first star to when I'm aligned it's not even fully

Clear Skies,

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