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Dean S

Since I believe Roland buys the handbox from an industrial supplier it may
be hard to expect them to want to modify it for what they probably consider
a small quantity.

But I like your idea of some glow in the dark paint for the hanger.

The red light on my old Meade Autostar was handy only becasue it did not
keep track of the time like AP does.


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Hi Chris,

I would second your wish for the "red light". I think it should be
pointed up from in front of the keypad hook, since I find it hassle to
around in the dark trying to attach the BLACK ring onto a mating hook on
mount. That requires two hands as I end up doing it by feel - much more
difficult with gloves on.

To solve my own problem - for lack of a red LED - I plan on "painting
the AP keypad hook" with luminous white paint used for fishing lures. If
the keypad hook were made of clear plastic material, a backward (not top)
pointing red LED could both light up the hook with "edge-lighting", and
provide a back pointing lamp when you need to check something with it, and
avoid it pointing upward at the scope.

As for item #1, the bubble level, I bought one of those cheap two axis
bubble levels ( visit Scopestuff) - the one that is on a flat red plastic
triangle plate - and simply place it approximately on the AP base plate
pivot point, or flush against the azimuth adjuster block, for a more
convenient viewpoint.


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I have two suggestions for upcoming AP mounts though:

1) A bubble level built into the base of the mount.
2) a red led light built into the hand controller.

cheers & beers,


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