Re: Software wish list

Richard Kinsey

Hi Chris, it is just a matter of pointing accuracy across the
meridian and nothing to do with guiding. If the ota is orthogonal to
the mount, then this isn't a problem, but when it isn't, pointing
accuracy across the meridian can be quite a way off.
It sounds as though a facility of this nature might be "in the
pipeline", which is obviously good news if that is the case.
Cheers, Richard

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2. A "calibration" facility within the software to overcome
Just curious: how does a non-ortho scope impact me? None of my
are ortho and I never have a problem with guiding. Is it pointing?
Isn't AP already working on that (or have I misunderstood what AP is
planning with 'modeling')?

I imagine that a facilty to polar align using reference stars
would be very welcome by some users.
My 1200 does this now. You point at a reference star, change the
meridian setting in the hand controller, then re-goto that same
Adjust alignment. Repeat. It's pretty darn simple (and very
Works in the northern or southern hemisphere. What improvements
be made to this?

I have two suggestions for upcoming AP mounts though:

1) A bubble level built into the base of the mount.
2) a red led light built into the hand controller.

cheers & beers,

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