Re: Modelling - can of worms - part ii

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Stephen,

One thing we must all accept is the EXTREMELY limited memory size and power of the hand pad controller. As you know, Rene Goerlich has been VERY selective about any fixes or advancements in Gemini firmware. The firmware is already crammed full, and RENE can only add code, by eliminating other code, or repacking and rearranging it, just to squeeze out a few more precious bytes. The Gemini controller may also have topped out its address space. Don't you think that the Gemini would have been designed with a full keypad larger display, and less complicated menus - like the GTOCPx - if Rene wasn't tied to its processor limitations? It seems there is a similar memory limitation with AP controller.

By the way, both products were not invented in-house, but are modifications of controllers used for other purposes. I believe the Gemini actually uses an "industrial temperature controller" (or some such app), processor and operating system. I Google tracked it down to a California company, where Losmandy gets his boards.

Neither the Gemini nor the GTOCPx are "laptops", so don't expect a whole list of wish list items to be installed, until these hand pad controllers are completely replaced by new technology. They do their job quite well, and until then "improvements" will have to be added using laptop programs.


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I am somewhat amazed by the opposition in some corners to adding
to the mount software.


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