Re: 1200GTO carrying 18" f/4.2 Newt?

Richard Crisp

the issue I predict will be balance with the camera load fore in the newtonian design and wind load
my 18" f/12.6 classical cassegrain weighs in about 100 lbs on my 1200 mount and it works great there: so long as the wind is light to non existent
the key difference in my config and yours will be the balance point
here are pix of mine and some images taken using it.
here are some recent shots taken at f/12.6 (5760mm focal length)
if things are well collimated (needs tweaking about once a month or so) and the winds light and the seeing typical it gives very nice star shapes.

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Subject: [ap-gto] 1200GTO carrying 18" f/4.2 Newt?
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I am building an 18" Dob for visual use which I would also like to
convert for astroimaging riding on my 1200GTO. Is the 1200 going to
be able to handle a truss based 18" scope about 65" long? The mirror
will be in a truss tube specifically designed for the 1200 not just
placing the dob truss on the 1200, total weight will be about 75lbs.


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