Some CCD images taken at relative high sensor temperature


Dear all, last month I eventually had a chance to test my new Microline 16803 with both my TEC140 and my new AP Mach1 mount under the dark skies of Isola del Giglio, an small island in Tuscany, Italy.
Despite the weather was fantastic (in one week I had only one night clouded, quite a surprise considering the presence of TWO new toys ^_~) unfortunately I had several problems with the high relative humidity of the place (always higher than 85%) that caused the CCD window to fog within minutes once the chip was cooled below the ambient temperature. I tried to find a solution on the field, e.g. putting some silica gel into the camera/FF adapter and sealing everything during the hot and dry day, but I had not success. So eventually had to call it and renounce to cool down the camera as I wanted, accepting to use it at +10°C.
To my surprise, the thermal noise of this sensor is so far below the KAI-11K I used in the past that several of the frames taken turned out to be still useful.
The mount worked flawlessly, not a single sub frame was lost even if a moderate wind was constantly blowing during the nights. I am really impressed with the tracking accuracy of this little jewel.
My trusty Apo on the other hand performed greatly, showing pinpoint stars all over the huge frame that is almost 52mm in diagonal.
For those interest to see how a modern CCD can work at a relative very high temperature you can see my images here:
Images are those posted from July 24th
Hope you will like them
Clear Skies
Marco Lorenzi

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