Artificial star for pointing alignment - help with How To?

Wiggins, Rick

I guys,
I want to devise a system to recover pointing when my mount loses
pointing. This application is for a fully robotic and remote
observatory. I use TheSky as my planetarium program to operate the

I want to install something like an LED on the wall of my observatory
in a fixed location. I would then manually slew the scope to be
pointed at that LED (using a webcam) and do the fine alignment to the
LED with the CCD camera. I will obviously know the altirude and
azimuth of the LED.

My question is: How to I perform the "Sync" operation? I know how to
Sync on a given star such as Deneb by typing in FInd deneb in TheSky,
pointing the scope at it, centering with the scope using the CCD
camera, and then hitting "Sync" in TheSky; but how do I do this for a
fixed Alt/Az target such as my artificial LED star?

Thanks, Rick

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